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Product Sourcing Preferred Partner

This design was very complex and several artist gave up or were not capeable of coming close. This artist never gave up and exceeded my expectations. Pick her and you wont be dissapointed, I guarantee Review
Amber did an amazing job! She went the extra mile in providing exactly what my family hoped for. When I showed the end product to my 89-year-old mother she simply declared, "I'm gobsmacked!" This image is to be used on the cover of a family history book titled, Through Earth's Little While. Review
What can I say about Amber. She is fantastic! I have hired her 3 times and every time Amber totally comes through. For all who is looking for someone to do their project, Amber is the one! Review
Amazing work and in record time. FullStockology will be my go to graphic designer! Thank you Amber!! Review
Amber did a great job with my boxes and labels. Great communication and work performed in a timely manner. Very smooth process! Planning to use her for more work on my website. Review
Amber did a wonderful job arranging a photo shoot and beautiful models. Review

Exam Scores

Photoshop Lv3 Exam 92%
Photoshop Lv2 Exam 100%
Photoshop Lv1 Exam 97%
Adobe Illustrator Lv3 Exam 80%
Adobe Illustrator Lv1 Exam 97%
Advance Logic Exam 92%

Vector Illustration

Vector graphics are computer graphics that are based on mathematics and built with points and lines to build shapes. Because of the method they are built, they never look distorted, no matter how large or small they are shown.

Amber of Fullstackology who has been a vector graphics designer and technician expert for a Fortune 500 Printing Company & product production startup, took the Adobe Illustrator Level 3 test on Freelancer. This test is the most advance Illustrator / Vector test available within the Freelancer platform.

She scored 4th place! It is worthy to note there are nearly 1,000,000 Freelancers on the site.

Vector Illustration

Poster made by Amber from Fullstackology for a boxing tournament in Australia.

Vector Illustration from PHOTO

Here is an example of a project completed by Amber from Fullstackology for a Auto Mechanic School that was rebuilding a 1975 Chevy truck.

Before After

Vector / Photo Mixed Media

Fundraising Meter made by Amber from Fullstackology for a highschool.

Started with an oil can, digitally enhanced, removed text/logo from sides, changed color to match school colors, illustrated the “meter”, illustrated the logo and finally placed it onto a background with text and border. Final image was produced in 41 versions showing the meter rising in $500 denominations. All images designed for Facebook requirements.

Production Illustrations

A very small collection of products and branding developed by the Fullstackology team. Our team always considers the best methods to develop a design for production at factories, in print or on the web.

click image to view larger

PACKAGING with Vector

Here is an example of packaging developed by our team for print production. Cardboard box and product labels.

More to come soon

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