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Vector Graphics, Logos, Factory/Print Production, Product Sourcing & Advance WordPress Development

"INCREDIBLE working with FullStack. They marched in and saved the day with my small startup. Their services are thorough and top-quality, as is the service and personal attention. We greatly look forward to working more with their wonderful team, and for anyone looking for their dreamboat dev crew, this is it.
Total rehire situation! So happy."
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"What can I say about Amber. She is fantastic! I have hired her 3 times and every time Amber totally comes through. For all who is looking for someone to do their project, Amber is the one!"
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"A consummate professional, candid and helpful. Kept me updated thru the process all the way. Took the time to educate me on aspects of blog maintenance and design that I disregarded. Went above and beyond what was required."
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Exam Scores

Photoshop Lv2 Exam 100%
HTML Lv3 Exam 97%
Adobe Illustrator Lv1 Exam 97%
Photoshop Lv1 Exam 97%
Facebook API Lv1 Exam 97%
SEO Lv3 Exam 97%
WordPress Exam 95%
Blogging Lv1 Exam 95%
Advance Logic Exam 92%
iPhone Development Exam 92%
Photoshop Lv3 Exam 92%
Google Website Optimizer Exam 90%
HTML5 Geolocation Lv1 Exam 90%
Computer Security Exam 87%
JavaScript Lv3 Exam 87%
Google Cloud Storage Lv3 Exam 85%
Twitter API Lv1 Exam 85%
Android Development Lv3 Exam 82%
Adobe Illustrator Lv3 Exam 80%
Google Webmaster Central Exam 77%

More to come soon

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